Happy 4/20 (Easter + other holiday)

!!! :3

Flannel all day er day
I was suppose to have a shoot today

But it was cancelled last minute I was so Heated.
But my boy got us a Couples Bingsoo & got me a Caramel Latte W/ Soy. And he’s taking me to a BBQ later
So my day has been redeemed.



Hey guys, lately I’ve been trying to find ways to curb my unhealthy craving by snacking healthy and I came across a site called Graze.com It has over 90 portion controlled snacks that range from ‘dips and dippers’ to ‘pure fruits, nuts and seeds’! They are also dairy,vegetarian & vegan friendly! I just received my second box and I also have a friendcode to share so you’ll get your 1st & 5th box free! —ASHABI4YB— So get your box & tell your friends! (at Graze.com)

go try a free box!!

I feel so weird with a Facebook page instead of an actual Facebook. It’s sooo impersonal and I’m not a fan. So I’ll probably end up deleting it and continue using this tumblr/personal Facebook for networking.




I did a thing for a contest and I think it turned out pretty durn cute

Well I hope you fucking win because this is a win!

This is perfect.

I need to keep up my workout plan. Gotta drop pounds and gain muscle back. 

And hi

A friend of mine texted me last minute, asking if I was available to do this shoot/mini show for this boutique today.
And I said sure thing
And it was a lot of fun! I’m ridiculously tired though, so I’ll try and post somethings up tomorrow :]

my batman one piece/swimsuit came in the mail EARLY. Holy cow you have no idea how excited i am about this. i’m gunna shoot in it next saturday gahhh SO PUMPED