I’m extremely unhappy with a lot of things

I think by the end of this year I’m going to delete this blog. Overall I think I’m gunna slowly phase out of modeling and switch to photography for a while.

I’m so apprehensive

My best friends cousin is offering to do my hair for me but I’m soooo used to my sticking my hands in my hair and having a lush afro. But I’m getting a weave and it’s going to be all the way down to my back dimples.
I’m so excited, and hesitant, to try a new (protective) hair style. But excited none the less :]


Got all these followers but I still ain’t shit

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Took my sister out today


Spent over $140 on loose leaf teas.
But it’s totally worth it because
-she loves all the teas
-I bought her a travelers mug that has a loose leaf tea strainer
-it’ll last her a year
Overall I’m going to miss the hell out if her once she’s gone and I’m going to spoil her how only a big sister can

lordhuey: Do you have Bobby's contact?


Wait Bobby Rockwell? I got in contact with him via Model Mayhem.

My head hurts. I’ve been sick since Saturday.
Every time I breath in, it feels like blood is about to rush out of my nose.
I can’t deal with (males) people at all
But I’m taking my sister out tomorrow and spoiling her before she leaves for school. #gradeAsisterstatus


There are white provocateurs at the protests who don’t care for change and just want things escalate into a shoot out. Some are anarchists, others are apart of white supremacist organizations. Some have been payed, others are present on their own accord to reek havoc and delegitimize the cause. None of the above stated have a problem with black bodies being lost in the process