"This is a revolting article. The second-hand embarrassment I feel while reading over this is utterly overwhelming and i honestly and legitimately fear for the well being of any daughters that may be raised by your unfortunate hand. You seem to have a very "roll over and take it because success" approach, and even then it seems like the only success you press women to aim for is a position in which they are sitting at a man’s feet.

Do you get that you are telling young women to be the objects men expect them to be? Do you understand, bless dear, do you even fathom that what you are encouraging is often the enticer of what you consider sexual abuse and even rape? Pull your head out of this gender role obsessed box, because the air sure is stale as hell in there.

Women need to feel as safe and comfortable as men in any workplace. Period. Your convoluted words are not only preparing women to be unequal play things, you are encouraging them to put up with the behaviour. You are encouraging these men and giving them “reason” for their actions, because i’m sure they would sit here and agree; “yeah you know what? Letting me grab her ass while she walks past is the only way i’ll let her get anywhere in this business.”

You are degrading women to physical objects that get promoted, not because they are hard working, intelligent human beings, but because they are pretty and do as they are told and put up with the idiocy of the immature. Here’s my sentiment to young women, I’m no writer, hell i’m only 20 years old, but i feel like my words might pose a better outcome than the utter bullshit i just read

If he touches you, If you are uncomfortable, If you feel like he is going to do things that are going to make you uncomfortable, it is not your duty to sit down and take it. It is your duty to report his ungrateful ass and save any other women after you from being treated the same way. If you are a man being harassed by a woman, it is the same notion. If you are confident enough, confront them directly and speak with unwavering confidence. It is a very intimidating approach to the situation. Stay strong, be strong, and no matter your gender, race, orientation, never ever put up with shit that you don’t have to.”


A comment i found interesting referring to the article Why You Shouldn’t Report Sexual Harrassment
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I did a thing for a contest and I think it turned out pretty durn cute

Well I hope you fucking win because this is a win!

This is perfect.


my batman one piece/swimsuit came in the mail EARLY. Holy cow you have no idea how excited i am about this. i’m gunna shoot in it next saturday gahhh SO PUMPED

Model: Ashabi // Me
Anonymous: I wanna see ur feet...

I will never escape anons that request this from me

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I finally broke into the 900+ followers

After being on 897 since that picture was on radar haha
I find it funny
But hey! Hi to the new people on this blog! I’ll have a proper introduction later on. if you have any questions/statements, please don’t be hesitant!
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