this-is-kassandra: Please stop. Stop doing that thing with your face and body. Stop being so purty (pretty) ;(

My apologies. I will cease posting all picture that show me as such :

Let’s play “yes” or “no.” You ask me questions on anonymous or not, and I can only answer YES or NO.

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Shadows - Childish Gambino
Dem facial curves/light tricks tho
Heres another selfie ask me things and keep me entertains okay thaankks

I’m just relaxing before I head out to work. I’m feeling this high, I’m drinking some tea, and I’m about to listen to some new Childish (my bae) before I head out to work in a few hrs.
Life’s good man.
In the meanwhile, ask/inquire things while I’m still here because questions are fun also :]

Model: Ashabi O
Photographer: CNCcreativePix
Facebook: Ashabi O
Tumblr: Nerdy Model
IG: @nerdy_model
*All artist benefit from the recognition of their work. Don’t remove credit*

Tea tree oil doesn’t work on my face and I’m SO SAD


"Wow your so pretty for a black girl."
"You can’t be FULL black. Are you mixed? You gotta be mixed."
"I’m not really attracted to black girls but your the sexist black girl I ever seen."
"You don’t act black! I’m more black than you lol!"
"You talk like a white girl."
"Black girls aren’t suppose to smile. You better bring some attitude hon-nay lol"
"I can fuck you but I can’t show you to my parents, they wouldn’t like me dating a black girl."
"OMG thats so ghetto!"
"Is your hair real?"
"You can’t be bubbly! Your black!" 
The dumb shit I hear on a daily bases from white people.

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I’m only reblogging because the comments are spot fucking on.