It was around 5:30/6:30 pm and all I had was glasses of white wine + escargot okay. 
Ask me questions (if you want/because why not) since I’m tipsy and it’s fun in a cute kinda way. Okay yaaaayy
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Submitted By: 
Shirt: Modern Pharaoh
Hat: Modern Pharaoh
Model: IG @dreyah_fit
Shot By:

I want that hatI’d rep it to the max
I just finished watching Michiko & Hatchin today

I’m so gunna cosplay Michiko

Model: Ashabi O
Photographer: Eric Michael Clark
Facebook: Ashabi O
Tumblr: Nerdy Model
IG: @nerdy_model
*All artist benefit from the recognition of their work. Don’t remove credit*

Model: Ashabi O / Me
Photographer: Jason Girard
I’m So upset that i lost that little bowl ._.



i would pay a lot of money for a complete list of everyone who’s ever had a crush on me


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Today was awesome

After work I went down to Lincoln Park for a lifestyle shoot from 11:30-4, had my MBFF as my MUA, was feed & shared a margarita pizza with the photographer, headed to a party at the castle and ate a bunch of pastries/mixed drinks and now I’m at home soaking my feet since I’ve worn heels all day.

WOO, today was so much work and I loved it! I love shooting with great people :]

Summer so far

-got a job at an art gallery
-got a job at Starbucks
-going to casting calls and shooting
-got a boy who ‘loves me’
-got enough time to take pictures of my own
-got rid of Model Mayhem account (Huzzah!)
-got my Facebook up and running and I’m networking left/right
-got time to be with the people who matter the most to me.
-getting got

I’m done this summer is awesome and I have a shoot/party on Thursday so pumped yes.